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Your Trusted Salesforce Partner 

The journey to a successful Digital Transformation is not an easy one. You need someone on your side that has been there before and can guide you through the process step-bystep with their knowledge of what works best for Salesforce implementation, managed services or both! The team at Sujen is here to help you maximize your ROI by unlocking value from every investment made to help scale your business!

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Our Expertise

With a list of Salesforce products at your fingertips, you'll have everything from Lightning-fast implementation to advanced reporting and analytics. We're here for every step in the process - we've been helping companies take their business heights since inception!

Configure Price


Close more deals faster. Get quotes, invoices and payments all in one place with Salesforce CPQ - the customer-centric quoting solution for your business!

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Billing & Subscription Management

Say hello to a more efficient and effective business process. Imagine being able to bill your clients in one system, manage payments for all of their services from that same screen with complete visibility across channels!

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The world is changing at an exponential rate. 
Discover Salesforce Industries to help improve business operations and increase revenue for your business!

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About Us

Why Choose Us

We have a significant record of creating custom Salesforce solutions for a variety industries that have propelled our customers’ growth. We create customized Salesforce applications that allow you to get the most out of the software. Get started with a tailored, cost-effective approach that’s right for you!

Industry Experts


Life Sciences



Public Sector







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Salesforce Experience

Trust. Commitment. Satisfaction

Our diverse team of certified Salesforce professionals is focused on earning our client's trust for the long-term. We deliver 100% quality service, and we're committed to delivering only what you need in order achieve satisfaction with your project goals. Our expertise will help guide both small businesses getting started out on their own journey as well larger corporations looking at ways they might improve current processes using advanced CRM techniques available now--and no matter what size nor complexity level.

Our Services

With our flexible service engagements, we can work with your team on a plan that fits your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more and see how we might be able help!

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Our Services

Customized solutions, endless possibilities!

Want a customized solution for your business? We have the skills and expertise you need! With over 15 years in Salesforce technology, we understand how to get results. You can work with our team one-on-one throughout this process - every step will be tailored specifically towards what's best for YOU. 

Explore the possibilities that exist for your business. Connect with us today to see how we can help!

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